V&A - Arley House
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Our ongoing collaboration with the V&A has brought so much rich history to Arley House, each design bringing a story from the archives…

V&A Floral Abundance‘Vintage Blooms ’V&A Floral Abundance collection is a stunning exploration of 18th and 19th century artistic floral designs, derived from the V&A’s extensive archives. Discover five intricate and bold, beautiful designs full of foliage, blossoms and birds, inspired by period chintz designs. This collection of fabrics are captivating and are ultra-stylish to add print, pattern and colour to your home with timeless prints that have been given a modern makeover.Georgette is a celebration of classic English florals from the 19th century, a time when floral designs dominated textiles and furniture. Revived in a selection of rich hues, its colour palette presents a captivating furnishing fabric for a modern day aesthetic. Meadow is a versatile design that transcends the seasons, featuring both summer plants and autumnal leaves. Taken from a chintz produced in the 1830s, this design features subtle shading on the foliage, creating a unique richness and depth.

Romano is a distinct and historical design, developed from a spectacular Rococo furnishing fabric. This design features emblems from antiquity. Striking and timeless, Romano also incorporates an antiquated bust – a symbol of 18th century grandeur. Regarded as one of the 18th century’s most eminent calico printers, William Kilburn’s opulent floral designs are still an inspiration today. One of his complex and colourful chintz patterns, Floris is a delightful blend of exotic leaves, ribbons and seaweed. Highlighting intricate birds of paradise, butterflies and flowers, Paradise is inspired by a British textile dating back to 1830. Available in a selection of vivid colourways, Paradise injects a touch of natural utopia.The fabrics are available to buy on their own for upholstery or curtains, also including a collection of stunning statement cushions that come with carefully picked coloured piping to add character and a sense of history to any room.